The Ltdteam marketing system that amway approves of

Published: 24th December 2009
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The ltdteam and system has brought another way of developing leaders in the network marketing industry. This opportunity is exclusively intended for the amway/quixtar business model.

My intent here is not to bash the team at all . Don't misunderstand me. The ltd team has and uses business success philosophy that are time tested with the use of people skills and leadership development.

After reviewing the structure and principles behind the ltd cd's, seminars, conferences, systems, and so on, they make mentions many times of how tough the road in the end will be. This is network marketing, and you will struggle with the ltd team as with most other systems for running the business out there. That is proven by, and admitted by the team itself. In one of the cd's I have heard, the diamond on the cd says that the system has a 5 yr education curve. Five or even two years of a non-profitable business is not my idea of a solid way to start out if you ask me.

let's consider the 3 reasons I have for not bothering with the ltd team and their system.

1. This is NOT an affiliate program with any FUNDED PROPOSAL. This really means that you will not make any upfront money in their system as a result of selling the program to anyone, including the sales of all cd's and dvd's. All profits go to guess who? The upline diamonds and Platinums.

2. Their QI system needs to be banned from public. I am almost not even kidding with you! Their upfront way of using a filter to sift through those who are not fit for the business is almost literally asking people if their interested in making more money outside of what their doing as of now. That's it! Yes there are some other generic ways of putting people through the process of showing the overview plan, and getting them to the open "info session" as they call it, but these results for anyone are truly limited at best. This of course, includes not mentioning the word amway in their presentation.

3. The Larry Winters team provides people with out-dated methods of carrying out a broken system.
In fact I can guarantee that the methods here are absolutely outdated with no scientific way of generating leads or capturing peoples attention in a go-getter team concept. There are little if any attraction marketing strategies used here. Attraction marketing was never even mentioned in any of the materials.

So the very fundamental basics of everything they do is either out-dated or useless altogether. There are now much more effective methods, systems and tools, using technology that are literally 100 times, if not 1000 times more scientifically effective and automated, without cold contacting friends, family, or anyone else within 3 feet of you. Take a look at my ltd team youtube review

Working for you best interest and solutions to modern day network marketing, please do take these unique and universal methods in stride, and shake off the old ways, no matter how appealing they make the team structure look.

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